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About Us

A few years ago, a small group of women ventured out into the world to see what life was like for women living in other countries and cultures. We specifically went to places where we believed women were most vulnerable and least valued. What we saw and experienced not only broke their hearts but compelled us to action.


And Esther Movement was born.

As a result, Esther Movement has taken teams of women all over the world to partner with mercy and justice ministries that are addressing issues that impact women:

Sex Trafficking



Gender Inequality

Physical & Sexual Assault

Along with our international partners, Esther Movement is helping bring the hope and healing of Jesus to marginalized women around the world. And through these experiences we have come to realize that:

God can use girls to change the world.


We invite you to join the us as we  grow, go & give!

Our Founder  |  Janet Ables

After spending 20 years ministering to women as a Bible study teacher, speaker, author and women’s leader in the local church, Janet’s ministry took a dramatic turn in 2015 when she was exposed to the reality that: 


the world can be a dangerous place to be born a woman.


As a result of this discovery, Janet became a voice for the voiceless as she began advocating for social justice and humanitarian needs around the world through Esther Movement.​ Now Janet and her team lead Esther Movement teams into the slums of Kolkata, the jungles of Central America and the red-light districts of Southeast Asia in an effort to 


raise  Awareness of the global plight of women

Advocate for mercy and justice ministries around the world

and issue a strong call to  Action for women in the western church

to move out of their pews and into their places in the world. 


Janet speaks passionately about Jesus’ heart for justice and His mission to bring the good news of the gospel to the afflicted and to bind up the brokenhearted (Isaiah 61). She is available to share her messages of hope, advocacy and justice at conferences, churches and college campuses. Find out more at Janet and her team are also reframing the story of Esther through their book Not a Cinderella Story: Esther’s victory over exploitation and injustice.

Our Team  



Executive Director



Creative Director



Special Projects Coordinator



Short-Term Trip Coordinator




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