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Ladies! You don't want to miss our
BRAVE Conference with Esther Movement!

April 29 – 30, 2022

Regular girls are changing the world both near and far.
Join Esther Movement at
Ashburn Hill Plantation and learn how you can too!

What is a BRAVE Conference?

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Why Now?

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Plan to grab your mom, daughter, sister, or friend and join us 
for a great time of world-changing inspiration!

Conference Speakers


Janet Ables

Director and Founder of Esther Movement, Janet spent 20 years ministering to women in the local church as a Bible Study teacher, speaker, and author. That ministry took a dramatic turn in 2015 when she was exposed to the reality that the world can be a dangerous place to be born a woman. Today Janet speaks pasionately about Jesus’ heart for justice and brings His message of hope and healing to conferences and churches worldwide.


Kristin Miller

As a Bible nerd for most of her life, Kristin has spent the last 10 years rediscovering the God of the Bible and His mission of grace and restoration through the lens of women’s issues. The belief that women are made in the image of God and highly valued by Him is at the heart of her writing, speaking, and work as Creative Director for Esther Movement.

What is Esther Movement?

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Conference Schedule & Price Info:

The Friday night - Saturday conference price is $50 and includes four sessions of inspirational worship and teaching, dessert Friday evening, continental breakfast Saturday morning, lunch, and snacks. Overnight accommodations at Ashburn Hill Plantation are available for out-of-towners. Contact Robyn to book a Friday night and/or Saturday night stay during the conference by emailing

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We believe God can use girls to change the world.
Join us and learn how you can be a world-changer!

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