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Women's Conference: Uganda

October 30 — November 9, 2019

First-Of-Its-Kind Women’s Conference for the Women of Southern Malawi

Esther Movement has partnered with Margaret Mzonda to bring this very special event to the local women of southern Malawi. 


These women are of the achewa tribe and for years have been enduring the hardship of life-threatening drought. They have felt both physical and spiritual hunger. Partnering with Margaret, {em} is committed to feeding the souls these precious and treasured daughters of the King through His Word, fellowship, and fun. This will be the first time these women have had a conference just for them 


Are you called to teach?

If God has placed it on your heart to get involved in ministering to women worldwide through teaching or service in the field we are very glad to meet you. Our mission is to act as a bridge to this and many other ministries giving women in the US who feel there is more to mission can have opportunities to fulfill their calling.

Do you engage easily with other women?

Barriers of culture and language can be hard to cross, but we have found if you can paint nails, do simple crafts, and play wordless games like spoons, you can engage these precious women. If you're willing to try, we need you!


Will you send a woman to conference?

Sponsor an achewa woman to attend this life-giving conference for just $25. This nominal fee covers her travel, food, and lodging for the three day conference. Our goal is to bless 100 women of southern Malawi with this opportunity. Click HERE to sponsor an attendee through our parent ministry Global Sharing. 


For this conference we have the following opportunities to serve:

  • 1 to 2 teachers capable of delivering the Esther Movement teaching materials

  • 1 to 2 small group/activity facilitators to engage the women

  • 1 photo/videographer to capture and tell the story to the supporters back home

  • 40 women to provide scholarships two $25 scholarships each


Team Leader Contact

If you’re interested in learning more please contact Dorie Smith at to setup a time to talk. 

Willow International

Founded in 2009, Willow's aim is to prevent human trafficking in Uganda and empower survivors to not only be free from slavery, but to heal from trauma and live full, healthy lives. We work to restore dignity and provide opportunities that empower each survivor we work with to thrive.

Since our work began, we have helped rescue and provide aftercare services to hundreds of sex trafficking survivors. Our staff provide individualized case management services that enable beneficiaries to participate in a program tailored to their specific needs.  We offer residential services through our aftercare homes as well as external case management services.

The goal of our aftercare programs is to empower victims to heal from trauma and graduate into a life of freedom and self-sufficiency. Our case managers connect survivors with resources and provide services including psychosocial support, educational and vocational scholarships, career development, access to healthcare, business skills training, family reunification, financial and English literacy training, and more.

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