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Trafficking Outreach: Thailand

December 6-18, 2018

Christmas Parties in Bangkok's Red Light District

Every Christmas, Home of New Beginnings reaches out to women in the commercial sex trade and invites them to attend Christmas parties hosted by teams of believers from all over the world. At these parties, the girls enjoy a sumptuous meal, receive gifts, hear the gospel, and are offered a way into a new life. On this trip, we will help Beginnings staff invite the women, decorate the venue, wrap presents, host the parties, and participate in follow-up. We’ll also learn much about both Thai culture and the oppression of the sex trade.


Christmas Party Needs

The team needs donations of Christmas wrapping paper, ribbon, and tape and small gifts for the girls such as hair products, nail polish, lotions, make up items, inexpensive flip flops, stationary, and small stuffed animals. For more info on donating, contact


For this trip we have the following opportunities to serve:

  • a team of 6 mature believers willing to be stretched and serve these precious women trapped in this horrific life

  • 1 video/photographer to capture and tell the story to the supporters back home


Team Leader Contact

If you’re interested in learning more please contact Janet Ables at to setup a time to talk. 

Home of New Beginnings


The Home of New Beginnings in Bangkok, Thailand, is a residential community that serves women coming out of the sex trade. Beginnings gives women the physical, emotional, spiritual, and educational support they need to break out of sexual slavery and start new.


Beginnings provides full scholarships for high school, Bible school, and university. Young women are able to dream again. Now with families, careers, and positions of leadership, these girls have hope for a different kind of future. Through outreach events, Beginnings has shared the love of Jesus with more than 2,000 women trapped in Bangkok's red light districts.

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