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Widows & Orphans Service: India

February 2020

Widows = The Least of These

Esther Movement has partnered with Cornelia and Dorcus House in Kolkata, India. Cornelia shepherds and serves over 80 widows in a large slum on the outskirts of Kolkata. In India when your husband dies, you are most often left to fend for yourself, being rejected by both your in-laws and your parents. Due to the prevalence of child marriage, many of these widows are still in their twenties raising their small children on their own. You can help!


Will you share what you know?

If God has placed it on your heart to minister to women worldwide we are very glad to meet you. Our mission is to act as a bridge to this and many other ministries to give women in the US—those who feel there is more for them to do—opportunities to share their gifts and talents. 


Can you sew?

Cornelia offers sewing workshops to her widows as a way to empower them to earn an income. We have been invited to participate in her classes and engage the women in simple sewing projects. Great skill is not needed. Just big hearts.

Love kids?

Dorcus House runs a preschool for the children that live in the slum, and we can help with crafts and simple games. Language barriers melt away as beads are strung on pipe cleaners and coloring pages are decorated with stickers. We promise you'll fall in love with their precious these precious kids.


Team Leader Contact

If you’re interested in learning more, please contact Janet Ables at to setup a time to talk. 

Dorcus House


India is a place where many women and their children sleep, eat, wash and exist on the streets on in the slums. They have no hope but begging from passers by. Many have no education, no work possibilities other than menial work, and above all cannot afford education for their children, and so the cycle of poverty is perpetuated. They are all open to the vagaries of the weather, to abuse from others and generally to be ignored. The mission of Dorcus House is to improve the living and education standards of these women and children. They offer feeding, education, and job training to help them become self-sufficient. 

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