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Children's Ministry: India

March 2019

VBS is Community Development in Kolkata

Esther Movement has partnered with Free To Be in Kolkata, India. Free To Be houses and educates at-risk kids in the city, but they also do community development in the more rural areas that surround West Bengal's capital. This work has opened doors for the gospel in areas that are predominantly Hindu. Village kids love to be engaged with games, crafts, songs, and snacks, and Free To Be hopes to communicate God's love to these precious little ones. You can help!


Do you love kids?

If God has placed it on your heart to minister to kids we are very glad to meet you. Our mission is to act as a bridge to this and many other ministries to give women in the US—those who feel there is more for them to do—opportunities to fulfill their calling.

Familiar with the Vacation Bible School model?

Barriers of culture and language can be hard to cross, but we have found if you can sing silly songs, do crafts, and play simple recreation games, you can engage these precious children. If you're willing to try, we need you!


Can you lead simple worship?

Our partners would like to offer the high school kids in the program who are musically inclined the opportunity to learn how to lead a simple worship session.


For this trip we have the following opportunities to serve:

  • 2 people who can lead a VBS with elementary-age kids

  • 1 to 2 musically inclined individuals who can prepare/deliver a simple worship workshop

  • 1 photo/videographer to capture and tell the story to the supporters back home

  • 1 crazy recreation person 


Team Leader Contact

If you’re interested in learning more please contact Janet Ables at to setup a time to talk. 

Free To Be

Free To Be is currently providing support to 25 children in Kolkata many of whom come from very severely disadvantaged families. Through providing vulnerable children with education and other support services, Free To Be aims to reduce poverty and improve standards of living. The goal at Free To Be is to facilitate child-centered community development in Kolkata with the aim of improving the community’s capacity to protect children from vulnerabilities such as child labor, child marriage, and child abuse and exploitation. Free To Be works to address root causes of these vulnerabilities, such as economic constraints at a family and community level, a lack of access to education, limited food security, and gender inequalities.

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