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Teacher Training: India

March 2019

Teacher Training for Alpha Mission School Educators

Esther Movement has partnered with Jenny Jamang of Alpha Mission School (AMS) to bring teacher training to the educators she employs at this quality elementary school in West Bengal, India. 


Jenny's teachers are college-educated and government-certified and they are always eager to learn new information and improve their skill sets. This school teaches entirely in English and, as all the teachers are proficient English speakers, working with them is easy and fun. Currently, educating 190 students preschool through grade 6, as AMS continues to grow they will be adding a new grade each year which means a growing staff and new curriculum. If you've ever taught school, you can help. Retirees welcome too!


Are you an educator?

If God has placed it on your heart to offer your giftedness to women worldwide, we are very glad to meet you. Our mission is to act as a bridge to this and many other ministries giving women in the US–those who feel there is more for them to do–opportunities to fulfill their calling. This is a great way to share what you know and do with other less resourced women, and it blesses them immensely.

For this trip we have the following opportunities to serve:

  • 1 to 2 educators capable of working with Jenny to prepare and deliver teacher training materials for her teachers

  • 1 photo/videographer to capture and tell the story to the supporters back home 


Team Leader Contact

If you’re interested in learning more about this trip, please contact Janet Ables at to setup a time to talk. 

Alpha Mission School


Home and Jenny Jamang are our Ministry Parnters in East India. They have founded and direct multiple ministries both in their community and further afield, including Alpha Mission School, of which Jenny is the Executive Director, a Bible-based, English language school currently educating 190 children. Both orphaned at young ages, they have a special heart for those children without families and trapped in cycles of poverty within the tea gardens. They believe education is the key to open minds and open hearts, making a way for the gospel. They are raising their own children as well as several orphans they have taken in. They are truly living the gospel of grace!

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