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Women's Conference: Costa Rica

June 10-17, 2020

Third Annual Women’s Conference for the Bri Bri Women of the Talamanca

Esther Movement has partnered with Kyrios Ministries in San Jose, Costa Rica to bring this very special event to the local women of the Talamanca mountain jungles. 


The indigenous Bri Bri have been pushed onto reservations in remote areas of Costa Rica. In an culture where women are often left to fend for themselves, we will be honoring and loving the Bri Bri women through God’s Word, fellowship, and fun. This may be the first time for many to focus on their relationship with God while enjoying meaningful time with other women. 


Are you called to teach?

If God has placed it on your heart to get involved in ministering to women worldwide through teaching or service in the field we are very glad to meet you. Our mission is to act as a bridge to this and many other ministries giving women in the US who feel there is more to mission can have opportunities to fulfill their calling. 

Are you fluent in Spanish?

Spanish is not required for this trip but is really helpful.


Do you love working with kids?

When we can offer a children's program at an {em} conference, the liklihood that a local woman can and will attend increases dramatically. This means a VBS-style program is an essential part of our conferences. We want to nurture and teach these kids about the love of God and have some fun with them too. If you love kids, we need you!


Will you send a woman to conference?

Sponsor an Aeta woman to attend this life-giving conference for just $25. This nominal fee covers her travel, food, and lodging for the three day conference. Our goal is to bless 100 Bri Bri women with this opportunity. Click HERE to sponsor an attendee through our parent ministry Global Sharing. 


For this conference we have the following opportunities to serve:

  • 1 to 2 teachers capable of delivering the Esther Movement teaching materials

  • 1 to 2 leaders/teachers to run the children’s program

  • 1 photo/videographer to capture and tell the story to the supporters back home

  • 40 women to provide scholarships two $25 scholarships each 


Team Leader Contact

If you’re interested in learning more please contact Dorie Smith at to setup a time to talk. 

Kyrios Ministries


What is Kyrios Ministries? For years, a team of local Costa Rican leaders in the capital of San Jose, known as Kyrios Ministries, has been ministering to the Bri Bri Indians, a marginalized and forgotten people in the remote mountain jungles of Talamanca. Primarily focusing in the past on the men of the region, now a team of newly trained local women are cultivating relationships, with the women of the Bri Bri, reaching out to love, serve, and disciple them. The Kyrios team provides vital connection and post-conference follow up with our dear friends Pastora Engracia and Pastora Maria. We are confident that it is through these women that God will bring real change to the villages and communities in remote parts of southern Costa Rica.

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