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Back to School!

The last couple weeks my social media has blown up with first day of school pictures. These pictures remind me of when I sent my first kid off to kindergarten. I can still picture Ashley standing at the door to her classroom in her Hamilton plaid uniform jumper, armed with only a Little Mermaid lunchbox and bright new Keds.

These pictures also remind me of the beautiful faces of the school kids I’ve seen line up outside classrooms in Northeast India and in the Philippines. And its inside those classrooms that these precious kids will be given the knowledge and skills necessary to break cycles of poverty and neglect. Those classrooms are also the place where they’ll hear about a man named Jesus who breaks other and more important chains. The lives of these students are radically transformed as a result of what goes on inside these classrooms and the walls of these classrooms exist because of people like you.

So, thanks to all of you who have given to our capital funds campaign which has been used to erect these walls. And thanks to those of you who donate monthly so these students with the dark brown eyes can see a future filled with promise and hear of the One who is the hope of the world.

If you’d like to join the cause and send a kid to school, click HERE.

Changing a life is just that easy!


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