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Women Creating Ripples

As Women’s History Month draws to a close, we want to say THANK YOU to women who are casting stones and creating ripples!

Throughout the month the news has been full of stories about famous female inventors, teachers, doctors, politicians, business owners, and entrepenuers who are, in various ways, changing the world around them. And although we appreciate women who make the news, we also want to celebrate our ministry partners who are unassumingly bringing change to the world around them.

So, today we celebrate these unsung heroes who are making a difference!

Cornelia, thank you for believing God loves the least of these as you care for widows and orphans in the dark corners of Kolkata.

Julia, thank you for being the unofficial pastor of Ellis Street and for loving the women who live on the streets of the Tenderloin.

Karina, thank you for giving women in the jungles of Costa Rica a safe place to process their trauma and lean into Jesus.

Ann and Bonita, thank you for rescuing precious young girls from the red-light districts of Bangkok and Pattaya, the sex tourist capital of the world.

Jenny, thank you for educating a generation of young people who will be used by God to bring the light of the gospel to the rest of India.

Dr. Beryl, thank you for advocating for women and girls who have been sold to Hindu temples and robbed of their voice and dignity.

Cora, thank you for dreaming big and trusting God to provide a retreat center for village women struggling with mental health issues in the Philippines.

Joann, thank you for bridging the gap between us and the beautiful women of Malawi – God has great things in store for you.

Lynae, thank you for leading Eden Made and bringing light into San Francisco’s dark strip clubs.

The world is a better place because these women believe God wants to use girls to change the world. So, let’s toss our stones in with theirs and celebrate as hope and healing ripples around the globe.


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