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Faith Refined

How God Uses Hard Things to Refine Our Faith 

How does God grow our faith? Often, He strengthens and grows our faith in the furnace of adversity. Why the furnace? Because there, in the midst of His refining fire, our faith is stretched and our character refined.

Join us with video teaching and downloadable PDF homework. You can also purchase a workbook online by clicking HERE.

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To Know Him By Name

An Intimate Look at the Names of God 

Study the names of God from anywhere with our online Bible study resource. Much of our confusion about God is a result of not really knowing Him...who He truly is and how He works in our lives. When you study His names, names like Creator, Healer, Provider, and many others, you'll find strength for times of trial, comfort, and provision for your soul's deepest needs. Learn to know Him by name and your walk with God will be deepened as your faith is enriched.


Click the button below and you'll find 15 weeks of video lessons, blog posts, downloadable homework PDFs, and a link to purchase the full workbook if you choose. We hope you'll dig into God's Word and learn about His many names.


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